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3 to 9 Weeks Gestation

Abortion Pill


3 to 24 Weeks Gestation
99% of Patients Completed within
24 hours. Average 10 hours

3 to 24 Weeks Gestation

Our Florida Abortion Clinics offer surgical and medication abortion services as well as emergency contraception (abortion by pill, morning after pill, day after pill). Our abortion providers possess numerous years of experience and have received specialized training in the most current abortion methods such as the non-surgical Abortion By Pill and Advanced IV Sedation techniques.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to ensure that every woman who receives medical care in any one of our Florida Abortion Clinics be treated with the utmost respect and consideration.

At the Orlando Abortion Clinics we vow to provide services for our patients in an atmosphere of warmth and kindness, free of judgment or prejudice, and where their safety and well being will always be our first priority.

The decision to have an abortion is extremely personal and very difficult. Our mission is to treat every patient with compassion, competence and in complete confidence, ensuring that abortion procedures are performed under the safest conditions with our patients’ health as our first priority. This procedure should not interfere with the decision to have children in the future.

Abortion clinics that perform safe second trimester and late term termination of pregnancy are very rare in the United States. At our Womens' Centers we have been performing these complex procedures for over 25 years and have one of the lowest complication rates worldwide.

Dr. Pendergraft has performed therapeutic third trimester, late term and medically necessary terminations of pregnancy for maternal and fetal indications, including fetal anomolies for over 25 years. For anyone needing a therapeutic third trimester, late term or medically necessary abortion, we are able to offer complete consultation and referral to the closest abortion facility providing those services.

Our mission will always be to provide women and their families with the highest quality abortion care available at the lowest possible cost. We will constantly strive to treat our patients as the special and individual beings they have become, each with their own unique mind, body, heart and soul.

If you are faced with an unplanned or complicated pregnancy and wish to have an abortion, we are here to help in every way possible. Our goal is to improve the quality of our patients' lives...Every single one.

To find the nearest abortion clinic location in Florida, please visit our premiere website to learn more about our Florida abortion pill clinic facilities.

3 to 6 Weeks Gestation

If 6 Weeks or Less:

  • Pregnancy can be ended ONE WEEK before your missed period
  • May return to work the same day
  • May have sex within 24 hours of the surgical or medical procedure
  • May return to all normal activities the same day

Second and Late Term Abortion without the need of surgery (D&E) 92% of the time. Abortion by Pill.


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