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For the past 20 years, I have been committed to developing cutting edge surgical and medical procedure techniques that are safe and efficient for terminating pregnancies between 3 to 24 weeks gestation. Our facilities exceed strict state required standards. The offices have the latest lab and medical equipment and are designed for patient comfort and safety. Patients receive the highest quality medical care from our warm, friendly, compassionate and caring staff.
The Women’s Centers Physicians and staff have the latest training in caring and performing early abortion procedures (3 to 6 weeks) surgically or medically. Medical abortions (non-surgical) in the second trimester (12.5 to 24 weeks) and late term abortions have been performed for over 12 years. The demand to perform Early Abortions has increased exponentially over the past several years. This is due to women being able to find out they are pregnant much sooner than they ever have. It is not uncommon for the pregnancy test to be positive before the patient misses her first menses. At our Women’s Centers, we have been performing early abortion procedures both surgically and medically for more than 14 years. Women choose the medical abortion because of fear of surgery or anesthesia, the medications can be taken in the privacy of their home with their supporting partner allowing for a more personal and private option.
Abortions performed before 6 weeks gestation are at the forefront of how abortions will be performed in the future as the majority of abortions will occur during this time. There are less moral and ethical personal conflicts associated with having an abortion performed earlier in pregnancy. The earlier in pregnancy the abortion is performed the less fetal development, fewer complications, and less guilt. There is also less discomfort involved as most patients are able to resume their routine activities once leaving the offices including being able to have sexual intercourse the next day following the surgical procedure.
For patients who are not able to take advantage of the early surgical or medical abortion, we offer surgical terminations up to 24 weeks gestation. Over 92% of the time the medical abortion can be used for terminating first, second and late term abortion without using surgical instruments. The average time from the start to the end of the procedure is approximately 8 to 12 hours. The majority of clinics that provide terminations in the second trimester or late term of pregnancy perform a two and sometimes three day procedure. We have performed these procedures for thousands of patients and find the complication rate to be minimal.
Unfortunately, Florida Laws prevent us from performing abortions further than 24 weeks of pregnancy in our office setting even to preserve the health and life of the mother or for maternal and fetal indications. I strongly believe that this is unconstitutional. Until the time is ripe for this constitutional challenge, we are only able to counsel and refer patients to a late term, third trimester termination clinic in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia area.
Late term abortion physicians have become very scarce. In today's political environment, third trimester abortion providers are being harassed by anti-abortion legislatures and politicians with agendas designed to stop late term abortion through unfounded suspension and revocation of their medical licenses. The fear of physical harm or even assassination are true realities that third trimester abortion providers continue to face.
LateTermAbortion.net LLC have late/third trimester termination providers with over 60 years of combined experience in performing fetal and medically indicated late term and third trimester abortions when the mother's life and health are in danger or when the fetus has developed deformities or chromosomal abnormalities that are incompatible with life.
The Women’s Centers facilities are here to give you comfort, compassion, and the utmost respect. You are being offered the most advanced methods of abortion procedures to date. I thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you in one of the most difficult times in your life.

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